Our Credo

We are not your typical reseller.

We are passionate of the products we represent. We believe such passion is a precursor to success, maximising profit for our principals and shareholders.

We bring premium quality products to market at the right time, in the right condition, for the right price. As much as possible, we aim for comparable pricing wherever we are.

We use a wide array of marketing tools as appropriate – from print, radio, and TV to social media, podcasts, and other forms of online and mobile promotions.

We recruit, develop, and empower individuals who thrive in this digital age and share our passion in business.

Who We Are

We are a full-service marketing and distribution company that provides the following services to clients and/or principals:

Marketing / Agency Marketing
Distributorship / Distribution
Market Planning and Pricing
Traditional and New Media Marketing
Management Consulting

We are a young, energetic, and hungry team of sales, marketing, and logistics professionals who currently promote brands in the sports accessories, children’s products, and food industries. We cater to the Philippine market and aim to cover more territories within Asia.

Large or small, foreign or local, if you have a revolutionary product or one that addresses a need, we would love to work with you in getting your product to market. We work on both short and long term arrangements, offering attractive terms and conditions to principals.

Current Principals

Our principals are visionaries in their respective fields of expertise.

Our Team

Miguel Cervantes

Partner and Director for Business Development

Sales and marketing professional, licensed electronics and communications engineer, thrill seeker, programmer…likes long walks along the beach

Noel Singson

Partner and Director for Operations

Import / export guru, ISO implementor and auditor, logistics professional, technology maven, geek

Gino Carino

Managing Partner

Strategist, graphic and CAD designer, manager, ISO implementor and auditor, logistics professional, golf nut